Bomberman Live (Wooo!)
Undertow (Gonna be awesome!)
Hexic 2 (Meh.)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Had better be awesome.)
War World (What is this?)
Sensible World of Soccer (Good ol’ soccer sim)
Every Extend Extra Extreme (This is already free on PC.)
Geono (Never heard of it.)
Wing Commander Arena (Won’t be as good as the originals)
Feeding Frenzy 2 (I hope it’s at least as good as the original)
Track & Field (Button mashing!)
Spyglass Board Games (Awesome! Yeah, right.)
Golden Axe (Better tie up the fanboys.)
Space Giraffe (A new game by Llamasoft!)
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Remix (Once again, tie the fanboys up.)
Marathon: Durandal
(Doom, eat your heart out.)
Switchball (Another Marble Blast style game. Awesome!)
Tetris Splash (Meh.)
Puzzle Quest (See above.)
Boku Sudoku (See above.)
Word Puzzle (See above.)
Poker Smash (See above)