Found this sweet little game called Dot Action 2.

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But you say, I didn’t even know there was a Dot Action 1! Well apparently there was. I can only presume seeing as the game has a 2 in it’s title. So yeah, I’m just making assumptions here…

Anyways, it’s a japanese game with pixel-ly grahpics and you jump around and collect dots, hence the AWESOME title.

The thing is though, it sounds like it would suck, but it doesn’t. I mean, I’m hooked so it has to be fantastic, right?


Menu Translation:

The first option is new game and the second option is enter password.

Basic Controls:

Arrows -Move

Space- Jump

About the blocks: 

blue- collect all to beat the stage

orange dots -can only be passed through if you collect a red dot first

Green-flips the stage

Grey-swim through these by rapidly pressing space

For more help:

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