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More Bloons

Throw a dart to pop the required number of balloons.


Mess around with Acrobots. It’s pretty weird but fun for a while.

Sumotori Dreams(You have to download it, but it should take less than a second) Download link

Ever dream of sumo wrestling? Me neither. But hey, now’s your chance!

That’s all for now…

About time… link

Most of the games are Sleeper titles but that’s all right with me.

Games that I’m going to have to buy again:


Jet Set Radio Future


Panzer Dragoon Orta

Phantom Dust

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Unreal Championship 2

If you’ve never played any of these, I highly suggest you go out and buy some of them. They should be dirt cheap by now.

…that are have intelligently thought out lyrics.

  1. Showbread
  2. mewithouYou
  3. Lovedrug
  4. Thrice
  5. Greenwheel

Found this sweet little game called Dot Action 2.

Official Site 

Mirror Site
But you say, I didn’t even know there was a Dot Action 1! Well apparently there was. I can only presume seeing as the game has a 2 in it’s title. So yeah, I’m just making assumptions here…

Anyways, it’s a japanese game with pixel-ly grahpics and you jump around and collect dots, hence the AWESOME title.

The thing is though, it sounds like it would suck, but it doesn’t. I mean, I’m hooked so it has to be fantastic, right?


Menu Translation:

The first option is new game and the second option is enter password.

Basic Controls:

Arrows -Move

Space- Jump

About the blocks: 

blue- collect all to beat the stage

orange dots -can only be passed through if you collect a red dot first

Green-flips the stage

Grey-swim through these by rapidly pressing space

For more help:

Extra Help 



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