First of all, my internet is pretty stupid, thus the lack of updates. Anywho, onto the main story!Age of Conan screenshot

First up, Funcom is making a MMORPG for the PC and Xbox 360 called “Age of Conan” expected for release October 30, 2007. Unlike most MMORPG’s the combat seems to be real-time and pretty intense.

Second, developer Nihilistic is making a single player Conan game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 styled after God of War, simply called “Conan.” The screenshots look amazing, but given the developers track record, the game could be either a hit or miss. Conan is slated for a 2008 release. If you want more info on this game, you’ll have to buy the new copy of “Game Informer” magazine. If you aske nicely though, I may scan some images for you guys…